Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter of Appreciation for my Work on "Heralds of the Truth"

Well, THAT just made my day....I just received the following letter, from a colleague of Pastor Hristo Kulichev in Sofia:

Dear Mrs. Notcheva,
It is with pleasure that I am writing to you because the Rev. Hristo Kulichev, and old-time friend, told me you have edited the above-mentioned book. I finished reading it and want to applaud your language expertise and editing skills. It is a notable volume of historical significance. Your contribution makes it even more valuable. What also amazes me is that you have freely given of your time and talent while caring for your family including four children.

May God bless you and reward you for doing His work.

Sincerely, Alice Litov
That was nice of her! By the way, my article about Kulichev's life, ministry and involvement in Bulgaria's Underground Church will be published (with my photography) in the May-June issue of "Modern Reformation" magazine.

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