Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Redeemer Lives (Inspiring Clip and Story)

This Easter Sunday, the kids at our church will get up and sing a rehearsed song before the congregation. All spiffed up and decked out, they'll perform the anthem of choice this year: Nicole Mullen's "My Redeemer Lives". This was a new one to me, so since the children had been provided with lyric sheets, my youngest two and I decided to find the song on YouTube and practice before the big day.

I wanted to share with you one of the clips I found, because of it's incredible beauty. This arrangement is easier to follow than some of the "Live" versions, and the lyrics are provided, but the story in the video is what is so moving. The opening sequence tells the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, a father and son team who competed in several marathons together - culminating in the Iron Man Triathalon.

What makes this story so inspiring is the fact that the son, Rick, is disabled (it looks like either severe cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, but the video doesn't say specifically). In any event, he is paralyzed. His father carries him.

As we practiced the song, Stefan (7) and Natalia (5) watched the video with interest. What they noticed, besides the fact that the man in the raft was being helped by his strong Dad, was how happy he was at the end. "Why is he lying in the raft?" Natalia wanted to know. "Because his legs and body don't work," Stefan explained knowingly. As they crossed the finish line, Stefan noted, "He's really happy!" "Yes," I agreed. "Why do you think he's so happy?" "Cuz he knows God loves him," Stefan answered. "Yeah!" Natalia agreed. "Jesus is his "Redeemer! So he's really happy." (Sometimes kids grasp the real meaning of life and source of joy quicker than most adults!)

Just watch it, and you'll understand why I am sharing it. Amazing and powerful testimony of a father's compassionate love -- with an obvious spiritual parallel.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I was just reading Job 19:25 last night!

A Dusty Frame said...

I LOVE THAT CLIP! It makes me bawl!

Louise said...

This was truly inspiring Marie. Thanks so much for sharing it.
May your Easter be blessed!