Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Living in a Loveless Marriage" - Great Article

This is a really, really good article. I'm re-posting it here so I never lose it. Scripture references appropriately used, too. The author has a couple of books that sound good, as well.

"Jean lived for years in a loveless marriage.

Her husband was not one to communicate his love to her through words, or demonstrate it through his actions, nor did he express any desire to spend time with her. So Jean resolved about 10 years into her marriage to try to be content without his love so she wouldn't end up seeking it somewhere else.

Jean knew the only way to be content without her husband's love was to seek an expression of love from God. Jean knew from Scripture that the Lord is her "spiritual husband" (Isaiah 54:5), but she struggled with feeling God's love and presence in her life."

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