Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Centurion Strikes Again

More incidental words of wisdom from apologist par excellence Frank Turk, over at Pyro:

"...apologetics doesn't win people into Catholicism, and it doesn't win people out of Catholicism. I could give you 1000 reason why I think people join Catholicism -- but there is only one reason to leave -- and it's not because of an argument. The reason to leave Catholicism is actually foolishness when viewed by people seeking a reason: it's that Jesus Christ was crucified, and because death had no power to hold him, He was raised on the third day.

He didn't become bread. He didn't establish a home office in the city of Caesar. But know for certain that He is both Lord and Christ -- so repent and believe in Him.

That's the reason for the hope that lies within us, y'all."

(emphasis mine).

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4simpsons said...

I thought his comments were very well said, though at the risk of nit-picking they sound an awful lot like arguments and apologetics. Just sayin'. It reminds me of the "No creed but Christ" people (Uh, guys, that's a creed.)