Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interesting Way to Get Your Name on the Cover of a Magazine...

I was contacted by the Editor of "Christeenianity Magazine" a few weeks ago, asking permission to use my testimony and experience in an issue devoted to addressing eating disorders. Although I don't agree with the "self-esteem" talk in the issue (I'm only responsible for what I write) I agreed. Also featured is an essay from Stephanie, a young woman who has been counseled at a doctrinally-sound biblical counseling residential facility.

They included a nice plug from Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson for my upcoming book, too.


Neil said...

Congratulations, and glad your message is getting out there!

Marie said...

Thanks, Neil! People are going to start thinking all I write about is eating disorders. LOL!

(Well, that and Eastern European ministries.)