Tuesday, June 21, 2011

100 Things We Love About Dad

This month, I decided to help our four kids make a "special" card for Daddy on Father's Day - telling him all the things they love about him. Last year, when looking through the Father's Day card selection at Walmart, I couldn't help but notice that most all of them were vaguely mocking or insulting in a "humorous" way. The cards from kids seemed to revolve, for the most part, around joking with Dad that he would be utterly lost and incompetent without Mom; most implied that she "wore the pants in the family". (I would be mortified if my children ever gave such a card to my husband, or for a second believed that to be the case!)

More important than cards or a particular day on the calendar, honoring Dads and telling them what we love about them is so important. Biblical fatherhood, obviously, isn't just about siring offspring and bringing home a paycheck. Children, by and large, know and appreciate when they are deeply loved and brought up in the knowledge of the Lord. Good fathers are a special gift from God!

I challenged the kids to come up with 100 things they love about Dad, and I helped them glue the sheets to a poster board with a colorful title. The two little ones (5 and 7) rattled off the first 65 entries while the older kids were still doing their homework. Here is their Litany to Dad:

1. Dad took me to the doctor when I was sick.

2. Dad gave me a nice present after my eye operation.

3. Dad hugs me all the time.

4. Dad’s coming to see my show at gymnastics.

5. Dad helps me understand my homework.

6. Dad gives me treats when I help him outside.

7. Dad works hard so we can have food.

8. Dad picks me up from preschool sometimes.

9. Dad gives me gum when I go in his car.

10. Dad tries to comfort us when we cry.

11. Dad hugs us when we’re scared.

12. Dad compliments our work.

13. Dad likes our pictures.

14. Dad’s very nice to us.

15. Dad kisses us and hugs us a lot of times.

16. Dad helps us read something when we don’t know what it says.

17. Dad reads me books.

18. Dad paid the people to do the addition.

19. Dad says prayers with us.

20. Dad gives us money to buy things.

21. Dad works outside and does things for us.

22. Dad gives us M&M’s.

23. Dad teaches us about God.

24. Dad brings us to birthday parties.

25. Dad brings us to his work sometimes!

26. Dad tells us what to do when someone’s mean to us or does something to us.

27. Dad gives us haircuts.

28. Dad gives us rides in his car sometimes.

29. Dad always gives us presents on our birthdays.

30. Dad sings “Happy Birthday” to us.

31. Dad gets me “Flat Stanley” books.

32. Dad helps us with ideas for things.

33. When we try to make something with Play-Doh, he makes it for us ‘cause he’s so good!

34. When Dad broke my pink pail, he still made a really good sandcastle out of the small one.

35. Dad gives us costumes.

36. Dad lets us eat donuts.

37. Dad has good ideas and gives them to us.

38. Dad bought the Wii for us.

39. Dad got my PSP.

40. Dad gets me games for my PSP.

41. Dad prays for us.

42. Dad loves God.

43. When Natalia broke my owl pencil, Dad gave her money to buy me new Expo markers.

44. Dad tries to tell people about God.

45. Dad takes pictures of us.

46. Dad plays Wii with us.

47. When Miro and Stefan wouldn’t play a board game with me, Dad took me to Home Depot with him.

48. Dad offers things to us like going to the store.

49. Dad goes in the pictures with us.

50. Dad makes bacon on Sunday.

51. Dad helps me do things on the Wii that I can’t do.

52. Dad reads the Bible with us on Sunday afternoons.

53. Dad lets us go to our friends’ house.

54. Dad helps us spell words.

55. Dad helps us learn Bulgarian.

56. Dad makes kebapcheta.

57. Dad takes care of us.

58. Dad sometimes shares Bulgarian secrets with us (like the food).

59. Dad tells us stories of when he was a kid.

60. Dad helps us cool off when we’re hot.

61. Dad lets us go to waterparks (and he pays).

62. If we’re confused, Dad helps us understand.

63. Dad sometimes says “Great job!” on things.

64. Dad helps us make things.

65. Dad tells us what’s right and what’s wrong.

66. Dad shares his chocolate with us.

67. Dad lets us play on his computer.

68. Dad’s laugh is contagious.

69. Dad’s a great cook and can make anything with any recipe.

70. Dad has such a good sense of direction, if we were lost in Antarctica, he would still be able to tell us where to go.

71. Dad teaches us the importance of morals and life values.

72. Dad brings us to Bulgaria.

73. Dad brings us to soccer games, like Levski-Milan vs. Inter-Milan.

74. Dad tucks me in for bed.

75. Dad makes banitsa.

76. Dad tells us about WW I and WW II.

77. Dad makes up brilliant words, like “idiotistic”.

78. Dad lets me watch Veggie Tales movies on his computer when Mom’s at work.

79. Dad knows how to ski, and taught us to ski.

80. Dad has a very good sense of humor and sarcasm.

81. Dad bought the TV.

82. Dad’s very generous.

83. Dad puts up with a lot of things.

84. Dad is wise.

85. Dad planted some of the plants I want and he let me have two strawberries.

86. Dad helps us with our Valentines.

87. Dad brings home gifts from work (like candies.)

88. Dad kisses us and says “goodnight” when he goes to work.

89. Dad says “thank you” when we help him.

90. Dad shares. If we want to use something and he has to use it, he lets us go first. That’s called “sharing”.

91. Dad makes us hot cocoa.

92. Dad gets me lunch.

93. Dad play-fights with us.

94. Dad teaches me letters.

95. Dad made a bathroom downstairs.

96. Dad tickles us.

97. Dad lets us go under the sprinkler.

98. Dad taught me to ride my bike.

99. Dad took me to the library and let me get a library card.

100. Dad loves all of us!!


Neil said...

What a beautiful gift! I hope he treasures it.

Marie said...

He hung it up in the living room! :))

Elizabeth Marie said...

Dad sounds like a pretty awesome dude to me.