Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Hate Cancer

I mean, I really, really hate it. Because even though Jesus defeated death for all believers for all time, it still keeps snatching people away...after much pain and suffering.

As you know, I am an interpreter by profession and the majority of my clients are within the Boston-area hospitals. Some of them, unfortunately, are hematology and/or oncology patients. I get to know them over a period of the point where I know all their grandchildren's names and birthdays.

Within the last month, I have learned that two of my long-time patients, both of whom I cared about deeply, lost their battle with cancer. In both cases, I found out about their passing after the funeral, so I couldn't even go and pay my respects to the families.

My only consolation is that I shared the Gospel with both of them. A woman in my Bible study encouraged me to do it, and both times, I was nervous.

I don't know what they did with it. I had noticed that one of the patients read his Bulgarian New Testament during his chemo treatments.

I hope. I just really, really hope God's Word did not return to Him void.

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lyn said...

Our Lord will bless you for your faithfulness! It is so painful to watch people slip away, I see it all the time.
May we all continue to be faithful, standing steadfast...even when our hearts are breaking.