Monday, May 10, 2010

Mariah Carey is a Calvinist?

Too busy studying and counseling to do much real blogging these days...I thought this was pretty funny. A little monergist humor for you:


Andy said...

That's funny, Marie. A friend of mine sent me a video (which I can't seem to locate) of an Alice Cooper interview where Alice talks about his Christian faith, and specifically mentions that he likes Sproul because he is right on doctrinally.

Marie said...

This is the link you're looking for, no doubt:

And here is Mark Driscoll interviewing RC Sproul on his having played golf with Alice Cooper:

"I'm not a 'Deadhead' or whatever it is they call it!" -- R.C. Sproul

Joseph Bayly said...

Very funny! Although that was a lot of doopty doops to ignore.

JTW said...

I laughed out loud, even with insomnia.