Friday, April 30, 2010

Do Not Seek Knowledge for it's Own Sake - Let it Lead You to Christ

Excerpt of Paul Washer interview - beware of becoming so "uber-intellectual" that you lose sight of Christ. (HT: Pastor Kevin Williams of Puritan Fellowship).

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timothymatters said...

So true and very to the point. I've grown tired of those who have their doctrine "correct" but have no love of Jesus. If you don't love Christ, all the "correct" doctrine in the world will do you absolutely no good. BTW, I put "correct" in quotations because if your doctrine is truly correct, you will love Jesus.

I touch on this issue in my sermon of Peter's reinstatement.

I've told my elders and my congregation that we need to truly love Jesus and one another to be effective for Christ. The beauty of it is that they are responding with enthusiasm. God is moving in this tiny congregation He has given to me and we are so blessed.

Thanks for the video, I may have to post it at my site.