Saturday, March 6, 2010

WWJMD? (What Would John Macarthur Do?)

Well, he wouldn't shop at the Stuff Mart. I have that on authority, for all you who are interested.

Have you visited the "People of Walmart" gallery yet? This is the funniest (and most accurate) skewering of redneckiness gone amok I've seen yet:
The thought crossed my mind, "I bet John Macarthur is someone you'd never bump into in a Walmart". I checked with his editor and associate pastor, Phil Johnson, who was speaking at the Shepherd's Conference at the very moment I was engaged in such banal humor.

Here's his response:

Apparently he enjoys shopping about as much as I do, which isn't a whole lot - I'd rather be home reading one of his books. I bet Dr. Macarthur would laugh at People of Walmart, too, if only he used a computer.


Since we're talking about Macarthur and Phil Johnson, here's a great excerpt from his address last night at the Shepherd's Conference (presumably before he responded to my query on Facebook):

Pulpit Highlights - Phil Johnson from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

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