Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Presents for Jesus

As I am in the midst of preparing my entire book for a second publisher's review, (as well as homeschooling my older son), I have not had time to launch into any in-depth expository blogging. In fact, I haven't had any in-depth thoughts of late, beyond incorporating interactive web sites into our fourth-grade science curriculum. Yipes!

As we are approaching the dreaded frenzy of the Christmas season, I do want to draw your attention to a simple, fun and meaningful way to experience the true meaning of giving this year. Salvation Army's Angel Tree program allows you to select an impoverished child (from your zipcode) of any age online, receive his or her wish list by e-mail, and gives you the address of the local drop-off center where you may bring your (unwrapped) gifts.

In fact, JC Penney (who is sponsoring the site), will ship the gifts to the donation center for free if you order them from their online store. You literally never have to leave the house to shop for your chosen child! You can pick out the gifts online, supply the Salvation Army drop-off address and child's ID #, and go back to reading blogs - without ever getting up from your chair. It's that easy.

Of course, this exercise in giving is much more fun if you have kids of your own, whom you can take to the store and allow to pick out the gifts for the Angel Tree child(ren). Let them come with the boxed presents to the Salvation Army center with you - that way they feel much more a part of the giving process. On Christmas morning, your children will have the pleasure of knowing some other child, not too far away, is opening up surprises that they had a hand in choosing.

The deadline for donations is December 14th, less than 2 weeks away. Please consider this fun way to share the love of Christ this Christmas.

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