Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Nun's Story (Interview)

Interview of ex-Catholic nun and monk, "A Nun's Story". Both express sadness and amazement at the heretical, tragic belief that souls can be saved by the suffering of others. (The implication of such dogma is that Christ's blood is not sufficient to save). Millions seek to find "sanctifying grace" apart from the Word of God, which only leads to misery.

Interesting at 20:10, where he starts discussing Catholicism's "joining hands" with Buddhism and Hinduism (contemplative spirituality) - and reads directly from Vatican Council II documents (1965) declaring acceptance of these false religions. The former monk (Richard) did a great job pin-pointing the New Age philosophy permeating RCC doctrine. (Jesuit priests teaching yoga? Why am I not surprised).

Praise God He removed the blinders from the eyes of these two and so many others who are coming to a saving faith in Christ alone. Parts of their stories of the monastic life are truly horrifying.

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