Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can Halloween Be Kosher?

My position has always been YES, it's perfectly fine, both in terms of doctrine and praxis, to let your kids go Trick or Treating - provided we are not talking about any satanic or occultic costumes, and the kiddies are not compromising their witness by whipping eggs at the neighbor's houses.

Traditionally, the Jews have always gotten their crazy 'dress-up and act silly' day on Purim; why shouldn't we goys get in on the action? It's not as hard to "redeem" Halloween as our IFB brethren would have us believe.

"Whatever you it all to the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31). Don't think you can observe this traditionally dark eve while glorifying Christ? I beg to differ.

Rule numero uno is - be generous with the candy. Let no one bring a bad witness against you or profane the Name of Christ by aledging that Christians are stingy.

Secondly, while you are handing out teeth-rotting sweets, be sure and slip the Gospel in there as well. What more golden opportunity to witness to your neighbors than Halloween?? They're coming to YOU, hands open. Don't pass up this opportunity. However, a word of caution: make sure that the tract you are distributing is doctrinally sound, and presnets the whole Gospel (repentance and all). Avoid ATS (American Tract Society) like the plague -- their publications are so watered down they make Hillsong look good. One I recommend is "God's Bridge to Eternal Life", written by the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and distributed by

It should go without saying that you needn't waste your hard-earned money on those morbid, kitchy Halloween lawn decorations. God would probably prefer you save it so you can sponsor an Angel Tree child next month in celebration of His Son's birth.

Another way Halloween can be redeemed is by the simple act of greeting your neighbors - good, old fashioned friendliness as you make the rounds with your adorably-dressed tykes. (I am convinced we are actually doing our neighbors a great service by trotting out our costumed youngsters - they genuinely enjoy seeing them. This is especially true of elderly folks who don't get many visitors). John Macarthar discusses this in an extremely balanced, common-sense sermon entitled "The Christian Response to Halloween".

Have fun, and Happy Reformation Day to all you Milk-Dud loving believers!