Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daughter of Encouragement?

  1. this morning, I received my very first blogger award, from Lizzie over at "A Dusty Frame". She listed me as one of the people who has been encouraging to her, which was sweet although I don't feel very encouraging (or encouraged) in my walk these days.

If you remember Barnabas from the Book of Acts (sorry, I'm too lazy to look up the reference right now), he was a companion on Paul's fledgling missionary journey. His name means "son of encouragement" ("bar" = the Hebrew "son"; you usually see it in subnames). Later on, when John Mark (the Gospel writer) bailed on Paul, deserting him halfway through a mission trip, Barnabas was the one who gave Mark a break (against Paul's better judgment). So the implication is that I have been, in some small way, an encouragement to others.

Lizzie is a wise Christian woman who continues to persevere in trials. We have known each other since 2005, from the Christian bulletin board forum "BabyCenter", although neither of us has had the time or inclination to over there in years. (You can only take so many pluralistic debates on Mormonism and charismania). Her site is a treasure trove of apologetics, devotional writing, Christian reading suggestions, and ministry links (including Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship). Lizzie also has an online store, with lots of cute crafts and pretty kids' clothing items! My little girl loves her decorative beaded socks and red ribbon bows. The link for the e-store is:

This is a really neat idea and you can pass it on to others (in the blogosphere or elsewhere, I suppose). Here's how you can do it:


*Link back to the person who gave you the award.

*Use my graphic (leaving my blog address on it)

*Share it with anyone who encourages you whether or not their blog is “spiritual”.

*Share this explanation

“Barnabas worked with the Apostle Paul.

We remember him for his encouragement and generosity. In this spirit, I’d like to let you know that you are a Barnabas in my life. Thank you!”

Thanks again Lizzie!

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